How to style your jeans?
   05/20/2021 10:26:35
How to style your jeans?

Jeans are the most versatile and long-lasting pair of clothing in any wardrobe. Jeans are found in many shapes, designs, and colors, and you can pair them up with anything such as a casual t-shirt or pair them up with a fancy top for a special occasion. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to figure out how to dress up your jeans for an event. Several different styles are mentioned below through which you can style your denim, vintage ripped jeans, and all ripped short jeans

Styling your black jeans: 

To give a simple yet chic look, you can pair a plain white top with black jeans. Or you can opt for some ripped pants to add more style to the outfit. You can add spice to your look by adding a colorful blazer on top to add more colors to the attire. 

Styling flared jeans:

Everyone has a classic pair of long-flared jeans sitting in their wardrobe. You can style these long-length jeans with a puffy sleeves top. You can even carry a structured bag along to give a polished look to your outfit. Pair it up with your favorite heels or boots for more stylish vibes. This look is girly and is perfect for an outing day, and these jeans give vintage ripped jeans vibes. 

Styling your skinny jeans:

Skinny jeans are must to have in your denim collection. You can pair these jeans with almost everything. A classic way to elevate your pants ripped is by pairing them with a plain t-shirt and a simple solid color blazer. You can add in some low heels and a structured tote bag to give an office outfit vibe. 

Styling the baggy jeans:

Styling a pair of baggy jeans is very easy. These jeans give comfort and style both at the same time. Pair these jeans with a graphic t-shirt or a crop top and some sneakers or cute sandals. This outfit is best for a picnic or a casual outing with friends. 

Styling the pants ripped: 

Everyone has a pair of pants ripped. These jeans give a rugged and edge-but-still-dressy look. Dress up or dress down these jeans. You can pair them with a t-shirt or a crop top to give a dressed-down look, or you can pair them with a silky cami and statement heels with a matching bag to provide an elevated and dressed-up look. 

Styling pleated jeans:

Pleated jeans loo best if you wear them for an office look. They give a polished and sophisticated look. You can team up these high-waist jeans with a plain shirt to provide a sophisticated look. Team them up with some high heels to give an elongated effect and a structured bag to elevate the whole look. 

Jeans are a staple piece in every closet, and you can pair them with any top present in the wardrobe. You can easily add spice to your jeans by adding in accessories, or you can give a casual and comfortable look by just paring them up with a plain t-shirt.